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We are located in the Greenville-Greer-Simpsonville area.
We provide comprehensive medical & surgical Podiatry Care.  
We invite you to take our Foot Health Quiz.
Answer Yes or No to the following statements.

My toenails are streaked, discolored and thickened.
May mean your nails have a fungus.  We can treat                                                       
this with  oral medications such as
Lamisil, topical                                                        
medications such as
Penlac and  surgically.                                

The sides of my toenails dig into the skin and hurt.
May mean you have an ingrown toenail.  This can be treated                                       
 in the office.  Doctor Rainer does a procedure that can
permanently correct this problem.)

I have a large bone/bump behind my big toe.
Probably a bunion which is inflamed/enlarging. This can be
treated with Orthotics or splinting.  Doctor Rainer does outpatient                               
surgical correction of bunions as well.)

I get a painful cramp in the ball of my foot in shoes and after rest.
A neuroma, a nerve problems, is a common culprit. Neuromas
can be treated with decompression, injections, orthotics, or they
can be surgically removed.) We are also using an injection technique using                 
a special alcohol mixture to avoid traditional surgery!

My toes aren't straight-they curl, are bent and hurt.
Hammertoes can be painful, especially in shoes.  These are                                           
 treated with padding, management of associated corns and
callouses, or they can be surgically corrected.)

My heels hurt all day, but it is worse in the morning or after rest.
Probably due to a condition called Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spur                                
 Syndrome. This is treated with OTC orthotics, Custom Molded Orthotics,
injections, NSAIDs, Night Splints, Physical Therapy,
OssaTron,   or                             
            endoscopic surgical  management.)

My feet are always dry and scaly-they also itch.
Often due to athlete's foot- tinea pedis, a fungal infection.  This is treated
with prescription creams or oral medications)

I have numbness, burning, infection, persistent pain,
a skin rash, an open sore or wound. (
Any of these conditions should                               
receive immediate professional attention!)

Foothills Foot Care Center.
Greenville - Greer- Simpsonville, SC.
Dr. Gerard F. Rainer, DPM.       
Foot Specialist/Surgeon/Podiatrist

Call our office for information on new advances
such as radial shock wave for plantar fasciitis,
Topaz radiofrequency for heel pain ,treatments for fungal nails.
neuroma can cause a  nerve pain
childs foot, arch
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